Sundays at Sandy’s

Both sisters have become hooked on watching reruns of TV’s Cheers. “I found it on Netflix and they love it,” Mike says. On Sundays, Mike, Jodi, Jillian and Caroline can often be found at Sandy’s Beef and Ale House not far from their home in Yardley. “It’s a little dive that has been around forever with all the locals. Everybody waves and yells when we come in. Caroline is just like Norm from Cheers. I ask her, ‘Is this place your Cheers?’ She always says, ‘Yes. Yes.’”  Learn More


After surgery to control her spine’s scoliosis, Caroline and Mike were in the recovery room listening to a nurse recite risk factors following the type of procedure she had just undergone. Caroline was awake and listening to the news that possible paralysis could result. Mike reached under the cover to pull up her limp arm and let it drop dramatically for the nurse to see. “She can’t move her arm,” he said. “Oh my God,” the nurse responded with concern … for just a second. “Then I laughed, she laughed and so did Caroline.”
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