Last October in 2016, Caroline was diagnosed with type 1 juvenile diabetes, a diagnosis that sends most parents into fear and confusion, for good reason. But Mike and Jodi aren’t most parents, of course. “We were being offered counseling for managing this new piece” of her complicated care, Mike recalls, “It’s not funny but we both said, ‘Nah, we’re all right with this.’” They laugh about the fact that juvenile diabetes was not going to drag them or Caroline down. They were just going to throw a few more shots, medications, devices, special diets, high and low blood sugar levels “on top of this mix we have now. We’ve gotten used to it this past year and can eyeball her to know what’s going on, if her sugar levels are up or down,” Mike says.  Learn More

Wheels…and Maybe New Wheels?!

Her motorized wheelchair can become a getaway car on occasion! “She loves to drive around the neighborhood and run the nurse ragged trying to keep up with her,” Mike laughs. “I’ll jump on my skateboard to go looking and find them almost out on the highway where she is doing her best to control her own adventure.” A big wheeled beach chair customized by her Papa Lou to hold her equipment got her right into the Jersey shore sand and a converted shower chair – with added frame and makeshift wheels – put her into the swimming pool at the Newtown Athletic Club. But the wheels that will make all the difference right now are the ones that come on a new wheel-chair accessible, handicapped-ready van, the kind of vehicle that makes life possible for Caroline. “Our old one has broken down so often,” Mike reports. “We really need a new one. We just can’t afford to break down on the road with Caroline anymore.”  Learn More

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