Caroline loves going to sleep-away camp in the summer. Yes, sleep-away! “That week in June at the PA Vent Camp is the only time she ever spends the night away from one or another family member,” Mike admits. A very special, loving experience for children who require ventilators to breathe, this camp lets Caroline zip-line through treetops, run a road-race (with a little help from a volunteer!), make friends for life like counselor Mary Kate, and even dance with guys like Tony, a respiratory therapist in training. After all, she is 15 and this is what teenagers love. Learn More


There is nothing like a little sister to make you feel silly, normal, goofy: exactly what Caroline needs. At 12, “Jilly loves Caroline so much,” Jodi says. With hugs, kisses, and an attention to hands-on medical care details way beyond her years, Jillian has become a key to her sister’s care. “She knows exactly what to do when Caroline’s ventilator starts beeping,” Mike says. “She’s our mini-nurse on road trips. I remember when a new nurse was taking too long to put on gloves and suction Caroline. The alarm was going off. Jilly got irritated that she was too slow so she pushed the nurse aside, grabbed the equipment and started the suctioning” that keeps her sister alive. “She can even hear the beeping at night and keeps track of the time it take for the nurse to get to Caroline,” Jodi says. Pure love. Learn More

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