Some Day

I suffered a C1-C2 spinal cord injury which is why I need this ventilator and wheelchair.  They tell me it’s a miracle that I’m even alive. Thanks to nice police officers, my mom and I are still here for my daddy to kiss and hug.  He’s always kissing and hugging me and my little sister Jillian.  My mom had a bad head injury that left her in a coma for 18 days and she had to learn how to walk all over again.  I spent seven months in the hospital where I got stronger. My dad and both of my grandmothers learned everything they needed to take care of me at home.

I've been in the the hospital too many times for things like urinary tract infections and pneumonia. It’s not much fun there. At home we have fun watching movies and reading books but therapists are always coming in and out to make me exercise or do other yucky things.

I'm in 10th grade now at Pennsbury High School and I use a special computer that tracks my eyes so I can talk to the other kids and participate in classes. We’re always looking for new technologies to make this easier and faster for me. I love to paint and draw using my head pointer and I’ve built up quite a collection of artwork.

This all takes lots of physical therapy and hard work. Thanks to all of you and the constant encouragement of my mom and dad, grandparents, nurses and therapists, I’ve come a long way.  But there are some things that could make my life easier.

Someday, I want to breathe on my own without using the ventilator.

Someday, I want to eat normally and get rid of the feeding tube.

Someday, I want to walk just like my sister Jillian.

Someday, I plan to talk – something that is almost impossible now with the trach in my throat.