• Caroline's Famous Koala Drawing (6x8)Caroline's Famous Koala Drawing (6x8)Caroline's Famous Koala Drawing (6x8)

    Caroline's Famous Koala Drawing (6x8)

    6x8 Double-Weight Matboard

    This is the first piece of artwork from elementary school of Caroline’s that literally stopped her art teacher in her tracks and exposed everyone to the artist inside her and what she was truly capable of accomplishing. This started out as a class lesson about Australia was a fun add-on at the end for the kids to draw their own Koala from the book. The intention for Caroline was more about making sure she was included and also have the experience of coloring like the rest of the kids as best she could. As the other kids carefully drew their outlines of a Koala, adding some eyes and a nose then coloring in the shapes, Caroline just had what looked like some random lines on the page. About as much as could be expected from someone without the use of her hands and a brown marker taped to the end of a head pointer. It was more about the effort and being included. Suddenly with the addition of 2 or 3 purposeful strokes, what initially looked like just a bunch of random lines, was now the most impressive and expressive drawing of a Koala in the entire class. Maybe even the whole school. It didn’t take long before there was a crowd of kids around her desk in awe of what Caroline created.

    • Cardboard material bonded together to create a 28-ply board perfect for mounting prints.
    • Extremely lightweight, yet durable with minimal bending!
    • Framing recommended.
    • Double-weight Matboard mounts have 1/8" thickness.

    *Note: We will ship all prints closer to the event date at the end of October since we order them in bulk.

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