• Caroline's Golden Drawing (12x10)Caroline's Golden Drawing (12x10)Caroline's Golden Drawing (12x10)

    Caroline's Golden Drawing (12x10)

    12x10 Double-Weight Matboard

    This is a recent drawing of Caroline’s beloved Golden “Bobbi Jean”. Caroline is now attending Pennsbury High School and is enrolled in several art classes with the rest of the students in her grade. Once again, It didn’t take her long to get noticed by the rest of her classmates though. Not because of her power chair, ventilator and other medical devices that tend to draw a lot of curious looks, but for her extraordinary artistic talents. This was one of the earlier exercises in the school year where the teacher asked the students to, simply, draw an animal of their choice. As she does, starting out with a pencil secured to the end of her head pointer, Caroline began plotting out what initially appears to be random lines. However, her long time nurse Annette, has seen this before. Without any clue of what Caroline was going for and watching on, she suddenly blurted out “oh my God, it’s Bobbi… Caroline’s Golden Retriever”. Caroline smiled and blinked her eyes really fast. Her way of saying “YES YES YES!”

    • Cardboard material bonded together to create a 28-ply board perfect for mounting prints.
    • Extremely lightweight, yet durable with minimal bending!
    • Framing recommended.
    • Double-weight Matboard mounts have 1/8" thickness.

    *Note: We will ship all prints closer to the event date at the end of October since we order them in bulk.

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