• Caroline's Weeping Cherry (11x14)Caroline's Weeping Cherry (11x14)Caroline's Weeping Cherry (11x14)

    Caroline's Weeping Cherry (11x14)

    11x14 Double-Weight Matboard

    Caroline created this Weeping Cherry Tree painting during her 7th grade school year. It was a special project she worked on for several weeks. Her teacher said she was free to paint whatever she wanted so Caroline started out with a paint brush secured to the end of her head pointer and chose a bright color to start out with. This time she started in the center, working her way out and stopping when she wanted choose a new color. With only Caroline knowing what she set out to paint, her nurse Annette and the art teacher followed her lead. Over the course of a few week they helped her change out the colors she chose from a chart, positioning the paper so she could get to the areas she indicated with her eyes and called it quits when she wore herself out. We would get updates from her teacher throughout that Caroline was working toward something special. Lots of bold, bright colors but still not sure if she was painting something specific or abstract, experimenting with colors. Over the next couple of weeks it started to come together and we got a call from her teacher. She wanted to know if there was a tree, perhaps one that has flowers? Jodi immediately said “yes there is… We have a Weeping Cherry Tree right outside Caroline’s window that blooms every Spring with lots of Pink flowers. They only last about a week or two at most.”

    Each year, just a few pieces of artwork from the entire district are chosen to be permanently displayed in the Pennsbury School District Administration Building. In October of 2015 Caroline’s Weeping Cherry Tree was presented and took its place among that exclusive group. Unfortunately Caroline was in the hospital and wasn’t able to be at the ceremony. Her little sister Jillian and Mom-mom Millie accepted on her behalf.

    • Cardboard material bonded together to create a 28-ply board perfect for mounting prints.
    • Extremely lightweight, yet durable with minimal bending!
    • Framing recommended.
    • Double-weight Matboard mounts have 1/8" thickness.

    *Note: We will ship all prints closer to the event date at the end of October since we order them in bulk.

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